Significant Soul Sample No 5: Tearing the Fearing

How to trust

in a world

that is screaming

and beaming with meaning

How to find peace

in a world

that is steaming

and exploding by eroding

How to love

in a world

that is dying

by lying and prying

How to see

in a world

that is strangely


the truth and facts

to the needs of feeds

How to believe

in a future

when a culture

of unease

makes one freeze

No answers


but within

Keep your head clean.

Keep your heart keen.

Keep your eyes seen.

Keep yourself being

the door and the frame

a wall against shame

a roof for protecting

those who are dreaming

of beaming with meaning

Be a silent island:

Truthful and trusting

easy to live in

with an attitude

not rude nor crude, 

not brute or cute

but loving and laughing 

no matter what

Stay as a fact.

Rewriting the fury

into your story