Significant Soul Sample No 5: Tearing the Fearing

How to trust

in a world

that is screaming

and beaming with meaning

How to find peace

in a world

that is steaming

and exploding by eroding

How to love

in a world

that is dying

by lying and prying

How to see

in a world

that is strangely


the truth and facts

to the needs of feeds

How to believe

in a future

when a culture

of unease

makes one freeze

No answers


but within

Keep your head clean.

Keep your heart keen.

Keep your eyes seen.

Keep yourself being

the door and the frame

a wall against shame

a roof for protecting

those who are dreaming

of beaming with meaning

Be a silent island:

Truthful and trusting

easy to live in

with an attitude

not rude nor crude, 

not brute or cute

but loving and laughing 

no matter what

Stay as a fact.

Rewriting the fury

into your story


Significant Soul Sample No 4: From Time to Timing

This time we’re not knowing

Because anything can be


Is the new


While others are fighting

Over the one way to go

I know

There is no

Such thing as the answer

All is flowing


Step by step

Leading nowhere


Walking in the meanwhile

Ending up in real time

On and off

hopes and fears

Leaving us with question marks

Uncertainty’s the task

Facing our mask

Of everyday comfort

Scratching away

What does not belong

To us being

No meaning

Is left

Living in a mean world

We’re meant to leave

The world as it used to be


Before we walk

Into the sunshine

Of not knowing


This is the end

The only end, my friend